Welcome to the new conference at October 2018



The Egyptian Association for Sheep and Goats (EASG)

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Website of Egyptian Journal of Sheep & Goat Sciences: http://www.easg.eg.net

Dear Colleagues,

We have the honor to invite you to attend our coming conference

7th International Scientific Conference on

Small Ruminant Production

Monday, 8 – Friday, 12 October  2018, Hurghada, Egypt


The Conference will held under the Auspices of

His Excellency   Minster, Ministry of Agriculture and Land reclamation


The scientific conference welcomes original unpublished research and review articles related to sheep and goats in the following disciplines:

Breeding & Genetics                        Nutrition

Physiology & Adaptation                   Behavior

Wool & Hair Technology                    Production Systems

Milk & Milk Processing                      Economics 

Extension                                      Range Management & Development

Small Ruminant Production Systems   Software Related to Sheep & Goats

Lambs & Mutton


The conference include presentation of four unique keynote articles, which will announced soon. Fourth day of the conference kept for open workshop discussion. The topic will announced soon. 2nd and third days for presentation of articles.


Full text papers will reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the Conference and international ad-hoc reviewers. Only accepted papers, by reviewers, and presented either orally or in poster during the conference will be included in the book of proceedings of the conference that will be published as a special issue of  “The Egyptian Journal of Sheep and Goat Sciences” (ISSN: 2090-0386) and in parallel in the journal website (http://www.easg.eg.net, ISSN: 2090-0376). The articles of Journal also published in CABI website and Al Manhal website.

Abstract books will distribute during the conference. 


Accommodation, Fees & Regulation

The conference fees includes all-inclusive accommodation in five stars or 4+ stars hotels in Hurghada during the four nights of the conference. Please, carrying responsibility of accommodating attendants requires high attention and commitment to the due times of sharing in the conference and delivery of fees.

The stay in double bed rooms, two persons per room, 4 nights ( 5 days), all-inclusive.

Conference fees include transportation in Egypt by busses from Cairo to Hurghada and travelling back to Cairo while abroad traveling arranged and paid directly by attendants.

Fees includes registration, reviewing & publishing articles, bags and accommodation in Hurghada.


650.00 USD       Non Egyptian presenting articles

600.00 USD       Non Egyptian listening only


Flight are available directly to Hurghada unless you either have interest to spend time in Cairo before or after the conference or, in few cases, when flight rout oblige to spend some days before or after the conference in Cairo. Conference committee could help arranging for accommodation in Cairo, but on your cost. When travelling rout needs to leave from Cairo, opportunity of using the conference busses carry Egyptians is available and free.

Accompanying partners are welcomed to the conference. They will charged as auditors. Please, ask for children cost when planning to accompany them.

Optional site seeing tours and parties will arrange during conference nights.


Fees for Egyptians (Subsidized by Association):

1850  EGP       For members of EASG presenting articles

1750  EDP       For members  of EASG sharing for listening

1950  EGP       For Non members of EASG presenting articles

1850  EGP       For Non members of EASG sharing for listening


Conference language: 

The official language of the conference is English. Presentation of scientific research at the conference, either orally or as a poster, must be in English.

Manuscripts published in the proceedings could be in Arabic but must include an English summary. Arabic summaries are recommended for Arabic-speaking authors who prepare manuscripts in English.

Just for making things easy, only one session could be arranged to present articles in Arabic for speakers have language barrier with English, though that is not recommended.


Obligatory Dates:

Final dates for attending the conference

10 January 2018          : Deadline for registration 

10 February 2018        : Deadline for submission of abstracts

25 April 2018                : Deadline for submission of full articles

25 May 2018                 : Last date to receive conference fees

26 May – 15 July          : Last premised period to accept delayed delivery of fees with 25% additional cost.


Conference Coordinator:

Prof. Essam I. Shehata                 Chairman, EASG Committee

Organizing Committee:

Prof. Refaei, M.                           Deputy Chairman, EASG Committee

Assoc. Prof. Hafez, Y. H.               Secretariat of the Conference

Prof. Demerdash, M.                    Administration of the Conference


Scientific Advisory Committee:

Prof. Abdelhamid, A. M.                                  Mansoura Univ.

Prof. Aboul Naga, A. M.                                  Animal Production Res. Institute.

Prof. Barkawy, A. H.                                      Cairo Univ.

Prof. Curtis R. Youngs                                    Iowa State University, USA

Prof. Prof. El-Saied, U.                                          Animal Production Res. Institute.

Prof. Prof. Faried, M.                                            Desert Research Center

Prof. Prof. Prof. Khaleel, M. H.                                Al Azhar Univ.

Prof. Khalil, M. H.                                          Benha Univ.

Prof. Khattab, H.                                           Ain Shams Univ.

Prof. Koutb, M.                                             Animal Production Res. Institute.

Prof. Mehrez, A. Z.                                        Mansoura Univ.

Prof. Shokry, M                                            Academy of Scientific Res. & Tech.


Conference Fees & Regulations:

Money Transfer should forwarded to:

Egyptian Association for Sheep & Goats

Local account (for EGP transfer)    : No. 00345010057419

Foreign account (for USD transfer): No. 00346010023063

Banque Du Caire, El Dokki Branch,
19 Wezart El Zera'A Street
Fax: 202 33613900  or  202 37494800
Telex No.    20988 BDCDK UN
Swift Code: BCAIEGCX034


All correspondence should addressed to:

Prof. E.I. Shehata

The Egyptian Association for Sheep and Goats,

Animal Production Research Institute,

5 Nadi El-Said Street, Dokki, Giza, Egypt.

Telephone: +202-33374889

Fax: +202-33371994

Mobile: 002 01010568460

E-mail:   easg.2001@gmail.com / info@easg-eg.com

Please, Articles submitted for publication should be:

  • MS Word,  any version,
  • Times New Roman, font size 12 pt,
  • Single spaced,  one column text (draft for revising)
  • All margins 25 mm, fully justified.
  • Full paper should not exceed 14 pages in length, A-4 size.



Start Date: 
الاثنين, October 8, 2018 - 09:30
End Date: 
الجمعة, October 12, 2018 - 11:00